LA Graffiti Artists Will Not Have To Pay For Clean-Up

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Photo by G.  Art by Smear.



Last year, I interviewed artist Smear and at the time, he was facing some serious charges against him by the city of Los Angeles for his involvement with the graffiti crew MTA.  Though Smear had long since stopped being a member of the famous graffiti crew in LA, the city found him guilty by association and his life had become a legal nightmare.  If convicted, Smear and company faced paying the city back over $5 million in fines for graffiti cleanup.  The case was settled this week and the judge has ruled that the defendants perform 100 hours of graffiti cleanup/community service.  Smear was not subject to the deal’s terms because he has gone more than five years without a conviction for graffiti vandalism and completed his community service.

You can read an article that the LA Times wrote about the incident here.

I am so relieved for Smear as I’ve spent some time with him and I know him well enough to know that he just wanted to spread his art to the masses.  He was not and still is not after trying to commit a real crime where people get hurt.  I wish the law enforcement agencies used our tax dollars for the greater good and went after the true criminals – those people on Wall Street, the news media who are spreading lies and fear and our politicians who are misappropriating our hard earned tax dollars under the guise that they are out to help the public.  People that put art up on walls are just trying to spread a little love.  It’s quite simple actually.

Smear – Stay up brother!

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