Mark Zuckerberg is Street Art

Posted by The G on June 19, 2012 under Street Art | Comments are off for this article

Photo by G.  Art by Thrashbird.

I Own You

I Own You

Facebook and all this social networking bullshit are some of the least social things on the planet.  People have seemingly forgotten how to behave when in the presence of ACTUAL people.  People cannot stop texting (and yes, I am guilty of it too – though not as bad as some people I’ve encountered) and for what?  Coupons for a Broadway show you are not going to see anyway?  Virtual game invites?  Messages from people you have no interest in seeing in person?

And when it comes to Facebook, I find it EXTREMELY annoying that some people have to comment on everysinglething you say.  If you’re like me and often post things out of context because you feel like it, seeing wrong replies to your comment only make me roll my eyes.  Also, some people feel the need to attack everything said publicly. Do you have NOTHING better to do than go to Geoffrey Dicker’s status update and contradict him?  There’s only room for one twat on my Facebook page and that is ME!  When I ask my supposed “friends” to like my fan page, it’s like pulling teeth.  Yet, when I post a picture of me and a celebrity, I am really not interested in ANYONE’s comments about the event.  I enjoyed the moment so I posted it.  That’s it.  Your comment is not needed to vindicate my existence.

Last, but certainly not least – if you don’t know a person and you “like” over 10 of their photos in a row, that is CREEPY!  Please don’t make it so obvious you are trolling around someone’s photo albums!  The statute of limitations for replying to something is 24 hours!  That accounts for all time zones and the fact that we live in the disposable information age!

The artist 2wenty so rightly pointed out that Facebook is a social cigarette.  It’s time to put it out because it’s causing “social cancer” that is spreading fast!

Mark Zuckerburg Is Street Art

Mark Zuckerberg Is Street Art


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