An Encounter with Jack Black

Posted by The G on July 2, 2012 under Encounters with G | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Jack Black and Geoffrey Dicker

Jack Black and Geoffrey Dicker

The other night, Tenacious G met the lead singer of Tenacious D – Jack Black.  Jack was in town to perform Tenacious D’s latest album “The Rise of The Fenix.”  After the show, Jack greeted his fans with high fives and those amazing facial expressions that Jack Black is famous for.  His band-mate Kyle Goss made a quick bee-line for the tour bus, which I found to be odd, but what can you do.  As Jack Black was chatting with the fans, another legend (from a totally different arena) was spotted exiting the building.  But that, of course, is a story for another time…

Thanks again Jack!  Tenacious MF’in D rock!

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  • Gail said,

    I love this pic (of Destiny)!