Q&A with Street Artist XVALA

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Photos courtesy of XVALA.

XVALA is not just a street artist.  XVALA is a tabloid artist.  His work focuses on pieces that address celebrity and popular culture.  If you live in Los Angeles or New York, there’s no way you have missed the “Fear Google” series that can be seen all over the streets of both cities.  I recently interviewed XVALA and at the conclusion of this article, if this doesn’t find you wanting to Google his Wiki, nothing will.


Xvala – Fear Google in Beverly Hills

According2G: Tell us a little bit about your background including how you got into street art?

XVALA: Street art is what it looks like when my Wikipedia page is put in an unsuspecting spot that anyone can stumble upon. Anything I do can get edited, vandalized or deleted.


Xvala – Fear Google Demi Moore

A2G: Who are your heroes/influences?

XVALA: Tim Berners-Lee and all the end-users of my data.


Xvala – Fear Google Miami, Florida

A2G: What’s on your iPod/Netflix?

XVALA: I think music is like code. I don’t use Netflix. I use pirated free streaming websites like letmewatchthis.com or Megaupload – Kim Dotcom : ( recently deleted from the Internet.  Tron and Daft Punk are my favorites.


Xvala – Fear Google Miley Cyrus

A2G: You live part of the year in LA and part in Oklahoma.  How does the art and street art market compare?

XVALA: If cities were software, Los Angeles would be Google and Oklahoma City would be Atari Pong.


Xvala – Fear Google Palo Alto, California

A2G: What do you fear most about Google?

XVALA: I don’t want everyone to know what I know about myself.



A2G: You recently did an art show based around celebrity garbage.  Tell us how that came about.

XVALA: Celebrities have the best garbage.

Xvala_ Kim_Kardashian _Basketball_Sculpture

Xvala – Kim Kardashian Basketball Sculpture

A2G: What’s the Palo Alto Tech Company?

XVALA: Palo Alto Tech Company is my love child. It’s what happens when technology meets art and falls deeply in love. Short time later you have a tech baby.  Shout out to my friend – Hacker Beta – my co-founder.


Xvala Hacker Beta Reserve Result

A2G: What’s one thing you’d like people to take away from your art?

XVALA: Nothing, leave it where it is.


Xvala – Fear Google Traffic Control

A2G: Tell us about your latest project.

XVALA: A good teaser would be – I’m working closely with trash cans, bananas, robots and pure silicon.


Xvala – Kim Kardashian Trash Basketball

A2G: What does the future hold for XVALA?

XVALA: Currently the future of  XVALA is password protected. Commence to hacking.

“Google My Wiki” – XVALA


Google My Wiki – Xvala

Thanks to XVALA for answering some questions and I look forward to his future projects.  I don’t know about you, but I fear Google a little more than I did at the onset of this interview.

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