A Valuable Lesson About Taking Photos At The Wrong Time

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Photo of the NY Post by G.

Central Park Outrage

Central Park Outrage

George Carlin once said that rape CAN be funny.  All you have to do is picture Daffy Duck raping Porky Pig (or perhaps it was the other way around).  I am probably not going to gain much popularity for this post, but I truly believe that being politically correct or discreet is lying.  I don’t really think that it’s “funny” per se that this person I will tell you about got raped, but perhaps this story will teach a valuable lesson to so many idiots we have running around our city streets.

A photographer was in Central Park yesterday when she saw a guy masturbating in the park.  Somehow in the iPad/iPhoney generation, people think that EVERYTHING is photo worthy – not limited to the contents of their purses, the food they are about to consume, hell, I’ve even seen people standing around a smoking building taking pictures of the smoke.  No fire.  Just smoke!  It seems that people are seeing smoke for the first time???  None of these people are HELPING, but they are taking photos of it?!  I don’t get it.  Partially to blame are news agencies asking people to work for free and be ‘reporters’ to send in their pictures of crap that is in no way newsworthy, according2g.  But I digress.

So back to the story, this guy is jerking off in the park, as one does, and this lady decided to photograph it.  It apparently came as a shock to this 73 year old woman that a person might get angered that someone was taking a picture of them playing with their junk, and the guy went after her and raped her AND beat the crap out of her.  While this punishment is quite harsh, what in the hell was this person thinking by trying to get a photo of something that does not need to be photographed?!  The internet is FILLED with pictures of cocks and twats and every combination of the two.  Take a picture of your computer screen and then Instragram it if you are that hard up.

Apparently citizens are outraged that this woman got raped.  Yeah, it’s a bummer.  But for some reason, citizens are not outraged that this person was butting her nose in where it didn’t belong, and clearly, had she not put herself in the situation by snapping a photo, she would not have been attacked.  I am not suggesting that people that take photos at inappropriate times always get raped, but I think people need to realize that not everything in life is photo-worthy.  Hopefully, this story will make people think twice before snapping a photo of something that is not photo-worthy.  The iPhone generation has made it super easy to take a crappy photo, slap some effects on it and turn a mediocre picture into a cool photo, but it cheapens the experience of life.   People need to spend more time living and less time updating their life on anti-social media.

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