Review: Guards and Two Door Cinema Club live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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Alex Trimble of Two Door Cinema Club

On September 27, 2012, Music Hall of Williamsburg hosted a double bill of great music.  The extremely sold out combo of Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club and New York’s very own Guards was one of the most fun shows I’ve been to in quite a while.

Richie Follin of Guards

I saw Guards earlier this year and loved their music immediately.  Since that time, I’ve gotten familiar with their studio recordings and it was great to sing along to tracks such as “Resolution of One.”  Though Guards’ describes their music as new wave and power pop, in concert they are much more rockin’ than their self categorization would suggest.  Their new single “Silver Lining” was released online this week and I definitely think that it won’t be long before Guards are the headlining act.



Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club

At the stroke of 10 PM, Two Door Cinema Club hit the stage.  I’ve seen TDCC several times in concert, including their very first headlining gig in New York (in 2010) and I’ve always had fun at their shows.  Last night was no exception and once again, I had a blast.  One of the things that is so appealing about their music is that they make songs that are short and straight to the point.  They don’t feel the need to drag out songs past their expiration point and also, they don’t do ballads!  Every song is a 3 to 4 minute dance party and gives way to another one.  It’s hard to sit still listening to their music at home and when you see them in concert, it’s a full on party!

Alex Trimble

Two Door Cinema Club’s first record “Tourist History” sounds more like a greatest hits album than a debut album as there is no filler on it.  In the midst of a globe trotting (and seeming never ending) world tour, the band somehow found time to record a second album and it came out this month.  The record is called “Beacon” and like their first album, it’s packed with radio friendly songs that are all upbeat.  Alex Trimble told the crowd how good it was to be back in New York again and the crowd was more than happy to return the love.

Alex of TDCC

There was a good mix of tracks played off each album during the band’s 16 song set, which was streamed live over youtube.  From “Tourist History,” they played: “Undercover Martyn,” “This Is the Life,” “Do You Want It All,” “Something Good Can Work,” “Come Back Home,” “What You Know,” “Eat That Up, It’s Good For You,” “You’re Not Stubborn” and “I Can Talk.”  From “Beacon,” they played “Sleep Alone,” “Wake Up,” “Sun,” “Spring,” “Next Year,” “Handshake” and “Someday.”  I definitely recommend picking up their albums and also seeing them live whenever you can as you won’t be disappointed!

The setlist was:

Sleep Alone / Undercover Martyn / Do You Want It All / This is the Life / Wake Up / You’re Not Stubborn / Sun / Spring / I Can Talk / Next Year / Something Good Can Work / Handshake / Eat it up, It’s Good For You.

Encore: Someday / Come Back Home / What You Know

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