An Encounter with Morrissey!

Posted by The G on October 10, 2012 under Encounters with G | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Morrissey and Geoffrey Dicker

Morrissey and Geoffrey Dicker

There are few times in my life I am speechless…  Picture it – October 9, 2012 on a misty New York night.  When it comes to Morrissey, the internet is divided: if they are talking about his music, you only hear good things.  If they are talking about his personality, you only seem to hear horror stories.  I can’t speculate on what I don’t know about, but I what I will say (and sorry if this ruins the horrible images you’ve already had in your head), when I met Morrissey, he was extremely nice!  Several overseas fans were trying to get a glimpse of the music god and he signed a few autographs (including my “Years of Refusal” cd) and was gracious enough to pose for a photo.  Unbelievable!  Thanks Morrissey for all the years of great music past, present and future and I am looking forward to your show tonight at Radio City Music Hall!  Morrissey!  Thanks to a good tip, my night did not end there and I saw several more music legends (though my luck in meeting them ran out).  Who would that be?  Stay tuned….

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  • Gail said,

    Love this pic!