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Mac DeMarco and Geoffrey Dicker

Mac DeMarco and Geoffrey Dicker

CMJ 2012 was such a great experience for me.  I was fortunate enough to host a CMJ-themed episode for MTV’s Weird Vibes.  This meant that I got to skip lines, check out a ton of live music, hang out with the rich and fabulous and interview bands.  If there was ever a gig I was born to do, this is it!  You’ll be hearing more and seeing the episode very soon and of course, I will let you know all the details.   But for now, I want to hip you to some singers and bands you might not be familiar with.  First up is Mac Demarco.

Mac Demarco is a singer/songwriter from Canada.  His music finds him crooning in falsetto or singing in a very deep voice.  Rather than be your typical singer/songwriter where all tracks sound like they are from the same family, Mac’s songs are filled with hooks that will lure you in on first listen.  In 2012, Mac Demarco released the “Rock and Roll Nightclub EP” as well as his first proper full length album “2.”  I have to say, I am liking them a lot.  The music world is taking note too.  During CMJ, Mac Demarco was one of the most buzzed about artists and he played 9 shows in 4 days!  Despite having such a crazy schedule, he was really cool to talk to.

I don’t want to spoil the interview for when you see it (because it was pretty epic!), but let’s just say that I brought him a pumpkin, we smoked a cig together and Mac Demarco took my on screen kissing viriginity from me.  Sorry fellas, he’s straight!  That’s what’s up!   Mac Demarco is in his early 20s and if he’s this good being this young, the future is incredibly bright for him.  I will definitely be following his career and I recommend you do the same!

Thanks again Mac for being awesome all around!

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