An Encounter with Barry Manilow

Posted by The G on January 21, 2013 under Encounters with G | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Barry Manilow and Geoffrey Dicker

Barry Manilow and Geoffrey Dicker

He writes the songs that make the whole world sing!  Barry Manilow is back on Broadway.  See the legend for a very limited time (until February 23, 2013, in fact) at the St. James Theatre in New York.  On opening night, it was 26 degrees Fahrenheit and literally hundreds of Manilow fans packed the stage door to catch a glimpse of Barry.  It was absolute mayhem!  Barry signed a few autographs and took a few pictures and he was off into the night.  I was one of the lucky ones.  Thanks so much Barry!

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  • Gail said,

    He looks better than I was expecting.