An Encounter with Andrew Loog Oldham

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Photo by Andrew Loog Oldham’s friend.

Andrew Loog Oldham and Geoffrey Dicker

Andrew Loog Oldham and Geoffrey Dicker

If you don’t know who Andrew Loog Oldham is, we cannot be friends anymore.  But whether or not you know his name, you surely know the magic he helped create.  Andrew Loog Oldham produced and managed the Rolling Stones from 1963 to 1967 and helped orchestrate the greatness (and salaciousness) that the world has come to love about one of the best bands that has ever played.  Fun fact:  one of the many things Andrew Loog Oldham contributed was suggesting the “G” in ‘rolling’ as the band initially wanted to be known as the Rollin’ Stones.  G Power!   Andrew was in New York recently and he was very nice when we met.  Andrew has a new book out called “Stone Free” and you should check it out!  Thanks again Andrew both for the photo op as well as for being a part of music that has shaped my life!

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