An Encounter with D’Angelo

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In 1995, I was working at a record store when D’Angelo’s debut album “Brown Sugar” came out.  It was love at first listen and I’ve been a fan of D’Angelo ever since.  He released a second genius album “Voodoo” in 2000 and then took an extremely long hiatus.  He’s been playing gigs off and on for the last year and I have some good news.  D’Angelo is set to release a new single in April 2013!   D’Angelo is playing a tribute to Prince tonight at Carnegie Hall and you’d be incorrect if you thought there was a chance in hell that I was going to miss out on meeting one of my favorites.  D’Angelo was very nice and signed both of his CDs for me.  He wasn’t super crazy about taking a photo, but he was cool enough to do his best to try and get into it for my sake because obviously he felt my excitement. 🙂  Thanks a million for that D’Angelo.  Meeting you was a pleasure I never thought I’d have.  Welcome back and please don’t stay away so long.  Me and all of your other legions of fans have really missed you!

D'Angelo and Geoffrey Dicker

D’Angelo and Geoffrey Dicker

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