An Encounter with Ice-T

Posted by The G on March 27, 2013 under Encounters with G | Comments are off for this article

Really blurry photo by G.

Ice T and Geoffrey Dicker

Ice T and Geoffrey Dicker

Look at this pair of OGs!  Ice-T, the Original Gangster and me, Original Geoffrey!  I cannot believe that the last time I met Ice-T was 23 years ago!  Happy to report the rapper turned actor is still super cool.  He gladly signed my “OG” CD, which features one of my favorite Ice-T tracks, “Bitches 2.”  The chorus of the song goes “Some of y’all niggaz is bitches too.”  I paid for the album, so don’t expect any white man’s guilt here for typing those lyrics out because you won’t find any!  The “OG” album is so awesome and after seeing Ice-T in person, it gave me a great reminder to bust that album out and play it loud!  Thanks again Ice-T and I hope it’s not another 23 years until we see each other again!

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