Madonna is a Billionaire

Posted by The G on March 30, 2013 under GNN | Comments are off for this article

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I read on the interwebs that Madonna has become a billionaire!  In combination with successful tours, her own line of clothing, perfume and shrewd investments, Madonna hit the jackpot.  Congratulations.  I freely admit that while I used to be a massive Madonna fan, she turns me off these days as she preaches love, peace and tolerance and behind the scenes she’s a huge twat and rather than just be herself when she makes music, she feels the need to try and work with the “it” producers and singers and the results are often embarrassing. However, I have always respected the fact that she is an extremely hard worker, a marketing genius and is uncompromising in her beliefs (and unfortunately, being a cunt towards fans is obviously a core value to her).  You go Madonna!  Now that you’ve got so much money, I hope you can relax a little and be nicer.

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