An Encounter with Ms. Lauryn Hill

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Ms. Lauryn Hill and Geoffrey Dicker

Ms. Lauryn Hill and Geoffrey Dicker

Ms. Lauryn Hill is amazing!  She’s only released a few albums in her career but they are genius.  She is sometimes as noted for her outbursts in the press and her reclusive nature as much as her music and she may be serving prison time for tax problems.  With that kind of reputation and an amazing career, you’d think she might not be the friendliest person around, but I am here to tell you, Ms. Lauryn Hill was absolutely delightful in person.  She gladly signed autographs and took photos with a couple of fans who waited quite a while to meet her.  As she signed album covers, she told us some of the behind the scenes stories about the photo shoots and was not rushed at all.  I was so pleasantly surprised by how cool she was and we returned the love because a talent like hers does not come around very often.  Thanks so much Ms. Hill!  I really hope she avoids serving a prison term because we all know that paying taxes is the equivalent of taking a torch to your hard earned money, but that’s a conversation for a different day.  As I said to Ms. Hill, I hope to see her again very soon and no matter how long it takes or what happens before she comes around again, myself and her legion of fans be waiting for her!  Thanks again Lauryn!  Love you sister!

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