“Issue” by Tom Molloy at Flagg Art

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Photos by G.  Art by Tom Molloy.

"Issue" by Tom Molloy

“Issue” by Tom Molloy

New York!  If you get the chance before May 18, 2013, you should definitely head over to Flagg Art Foundation in Chelsea because they are currently showing two great exhibitions.  The first (on the 10th floor) is by Hilary Harkness and one floor below is “Issue” by Tom Molloy.  Both exhibits require extra viewing time as there is so much detail in both.  For me, the highlight of “Issue” is a panel featuring tiny replicas of various people protesting.

Partial View of "Issue" by Tom Molloy

Partial View of “Issue” by Tom Molloy

As you look through the multitudes of miniature protestors, you will find yourself forming your own view on many of the things that these people take issue with.  Some of the issues include anti-Marijuana, “Lady Gaga Leads Hell,” “Stop the killing in Kashmir,” “Who’s Afraid of Twitter,” “Stop the Religious Bullshit,” “My pension is my pay” and so on.

"Issue" by Tom Molloy

“Issue” by Tom Molloy

“Issue” by Tom Molloy is on display at Flagg Art (located at 545 9th and 10th Floors) in New York  through May 18, 2013.

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