None of Us Are Free Until All of Us Are Equal

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None of us are Free Until All of Us Are Equal

None of us are Free Until All of Us Are Equal

It’s the midway point of 2013 and not the Middle Ages.  In New York, there has been an alarming increase of hate crimes directed towards gays in the last couple of weeks.  This is not ok.

Why certain people can’t accept the fact that homosexual thoughts have popped into their heads at one time or another is beyond me.  If you do any research on the brain, you’ll find that all we do is have thoughts.  Millions of them a day, in fact.  Just because a thought pops into your head, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will act upon it and it also doesn’t mean that entertaining a thought makes you “normal” or “abnormal.”

Unfortunately, we live by an antiquated definition of what “normal” means and in fact, “normal” defies a definition since the word implies an infinite number of possibilities.

We all have to inhabit this world together.  That means some people will have different thoughts, opinions, preferences and tastes than others.  That doesn’t make ANYONE “right” or “wrong.”  It just means that life is beautiful in that people have differences of opinion.  Everything we say or do is really just an opinion when you boil it down and NOBODY has the right to say their opinion is more accurate or less accurate than another person’s.  We must learn to agree to disagree PEACEFULLY.

Spread the love and not the hatred.

None of us are free until all of us are equal.

Pass it on!!!!

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