RIP, Stuart Wilde

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Photo of Infinite Self by G.

Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde

Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde

Death is a part of life and yet, I am having a hard time believing that spiritual guru Stuart Wilde has departed from this earth.  Several websites have confirmed the news, so I know it to be true.  On May 1, 2013, Stuart Wilde suffered a fatal heart attack in Ireland.  While I never met Stuart Wilde, I have been a fan and admirer of his teachings for a very long time and his wisdom has made such a difference in my life, I am forever grateful to him.  Whereas so many spiritual teachings make you feel like you would have to live in seclusion for the rest of your life to achieve inner peace, Wilde’s teachings were the exact opposite.  When reading one of his books or listening to one of his lectures, you felt as if you were at a pub with your good mate, who just happened to know a TON about the way the universe works and the true laws of nature.  He broke things down in a way that made it simple to understand, a way in which so many spiritual teachings lack.

Stuart Wilde wrote over 20 books and ALL of them are essential reading.  There have been so many times where I pick up a Stuie book, open it at random and the advice on those pages seems to be exactly what I need in my life at that moment.  His books such as “Infinite Self,” and “Silent Power,” have inspired me and changed the direction of my life as his words taught me to better empower myself.  He encouraged being an outsider (or “fringe dweller” as he put it) and most importantly, he always infused humor into serious subjects.  Stuart Wilde’s teachings always came with the warning – don’t just read these words, TEST THEM and if they turn out not to work for you, throw them out and find what does work for you.  However, time and time again, Stuart’s teachings proved to be right on.

I’m very sad that I will not get to learn from him in person, but his books and DVDs will be essential to my life for as long as I inhabit this planet.  Stuart, all I can say to you is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the invaluable teachings you have left behind for not just me, but for all of us.  May you rest in peace!  Namaste.

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