An Encounter with Bill Moyers

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Bill Moyers and Geoffrey Dicker

Bill Moyers and Geoffrey Dicker

Journalist Bill Moyers has had (and is still having) and amazing career.  He was the press secretary in the Lyndon Johnson administration and has been a champion of spirituality and a vocal critic of the media for being less interested in the needs of the people and being more focused on ‘the bottom line.’  He’s a hero in my book just for that stance alone, but he is so much more to me.  He hosted a program (which also became a book) where he extensively interviewed philosopher Joseph Campbell.  When I was first exposed to “the Power of Myth,” it made a radically positive impact on my life.  I discovered so much about myself and it was my “gateway drug” to discover and put into practice the teachings of many spiritual and philosophical subjects.  If you had to summarize in one sentence, the main takeaway from “The Power of Myth,” it is this – FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!

I revisit “The Power of Myth” often and when I asked Bill Moyers to sign my DVD and book, he was more than happy to do so!  I told him how much “Myth” has changed my life and he was appreciative and grateful to hear that and even thanked ME!  Too cool.  Thanks so much Bill for everything I’ve said above and for being a walking example of the fact that as I am following my bliss, an amazing experience like meeting you became possible!  Thanks again!

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    That is awesome! Bill Moyers is an American Hero! Way to go, G!~