An Encounter with Vanilla Ice

Posted by The G on June 11, 2013 under Encounters with G | Comments are off for this article

Photo by Vanilla Ice!

Vanilla Ice and Geoffrey Dicker

Vanilla Ice and Geoffrey Dicker

EPIC!  I’m not gonna lie.  Not only did I love Vanilla Ice back in the day, I also saw him in concert at Disneyland (and Take That with Robbie Williams was the opening act!).  On a wet and rainy New York night I went out in search of adventure (and found it!) and ran into fucking Vanilla Ice!   He’s much taller than me, which doesn’t take much.  When I asked him for a photo, not only did he say yes, but he grabbed my camera and took the pic!  He did a pretty good job, if the ‘king of selfies’ may say so!  Vanilla Ice is still rockin’ the mic like a vandal, with a new album in the pipeline and he’s also doing some reality TV.  Glad to see Vanilla Ice is still around and living large!  Thanks again for a fabulous encounter!

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