Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun Changes His “No Photos With Fans” Policy

Posted by The G on June 28, 2013 under Encounters with G | 2 Comments to Read

Photo by G.

Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun and Geoffrey Dicker

Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun and Geoffrey Dicker

A photo I never thought I’d ever see! Australian indie pop/dance band Empire of the Sun is back with an excellent new album called “Ice on the Dune.”  I’ve loved Empire of the Sun for many years and when I met lead singer Luke Steele in 2010 (my, how time flies!) he told me that Prince inspired his ‘no photos with fans’ policy.  We had quite a lengthy discussion that day, as I am an expert in the world of useless Prince knowledge/experiences, and I strongly advised Luke not to follow in Prince’s footsteps in this way as it scars fans.  He listened to what I had to say, however at that time, it made no difference in his policy.  I can only assume Luke took these words to heart and I am over the moon to report that he has changed his stance.  He didn’t flinch when I asked him for a photo a mere 3 years later, and in fact, I witnessed him posing with several fans!  This is awesome news for those of us who like to have the ultimate fan experience.  While I cannot guarantee you will have as great of an experience as I had if you have an encounter with Luke Steele, at least you will know such an awesome experience is possible.  Thanks Luke for rethinking your policy and congratulations on another fantastic record which I hope will bring you even more success!

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  • Gail said,

    Mr. T Called. He wants his jewelry back.

  • Ry said,

    Any tips on how to meet him after a show? I would live to get my LP’s signed!