Must See Art: “Mask” by Liu Bolin at Eli Klein Fine Art

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Photos of Liu Bolin’s photos by G.

Can you find Liu Bolin?

Can you find Liu Bolin?

I love Liu Bolin’s art.  He’s not afraid to get so immersed in his subjects that he literally disappears within his work.  His latest exhibit “Mask” at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York shows Liu Bolin in many new scenes and at times, you will have to look very closely at the work to find the artist.

Where's Liu?

Where’s Liu?

You should click the picture to enlarge it and if you do, you’ll find Liu Bolin in a sea of cell phones!



On display at the gallery, they have an example of a scene that Liu Bolin will disappear into.  Above, you can see a wall of cereal and a painted suit that has cereal boxes on it.  It looks really cool in person, so don’t miss this exhibit!

TED Talks.  Where's Liu?

TED Talks. Where’s Liu?

“Mask” by Liu Bolin is showing at Eli Klein Fine Art (located at 462 West Broadway) in Manhattan through July 21, 2013.

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  • Gail said,

    Such a fun and unique exhibit!