An Encounter with Bob Odenkirk

Posted by The G on September 29, 2013 under Encounters with G | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Bob Odenkirk and Geoffrey Dicker

Bob Odenkirk and Geoffrey Dicker

Better call Saul!  Bob Odenkirk is riding high in 2013!  From releasing a book with his former Mr. Show cast mate (and performing a sold out show promoting the book) to co-starring in one of the hottest shows in recent history, “Breaking Bad,” to getting his own spin off show, “Better Call Saul,” you’d think that Bob Odenkirk would have a massive ego.  Nope!  Bob was super nice when I spotted him in New York and was very happy to chat with fans, take photos and sign autographs!  I love that!  Looking forward to his new show too, especially now that with one episode of “Breaking Bad” to go, I am all caught up!  Thanks Bob!

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  • Lisa said,

    This is one sexy-ass picture!