Banksy On Ludlow from “Better Out Than In”

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Photo by G.  Art by Banksy.

Banksy on Ludlow

Banksy on Ludlow

If you are a street art fan and live in New York, the month of October 2013 is going to be filled with fun surprises.  Notorious street artist Banksy is doing a month-long exhibit entitled “Better Out Than In,” and it appears that each day in October, a new work will surface somewhere in Manhattan or their neighboring boroughs.  And most likely, vandals, fame seekers or people out to make a quick buck will destroy the art (sometimes within the same hour of the piece’s location being revealed), so to see these works in person, you have to be on your toes.  I will not lie and say that 10 days into the exhibit, I am loving the concept and not really loving the art.  However, the particular piece you see above was revealed yesterday and is the best of the bunch so far.

After a marathon day of seeing not one but TWO concerts, I headed over to Ludlow Street to catch a glimpse of the latest Banksy.  The half wall/half car mural is luckily located behind a locked gate, so it’s the only piece to have survived more than a few hours in this exhibit so far.  I happened by the piece close to one o’ clock in the morning, and there were about 15 admirers at the site as well.  During my visit, I overheard some conversations with the folks looking at the art and they likened seeing this work to being at the Louvre in Paris!  Get a grip people!  While this work is definitely interesting and worth seeing, it’s just that and nothing more.  Banksy art seems to be the latest trending topic and everyone is trying to look cool by expressing their ‘expertise’ in street art.  I am happy that people are taking an interest in street art again after it pretty much dried up and died in New York (and trust me, I know as I have written about the subject for the last 4+ years), but please people, before you ruin this work with your love jizz, do your homework to get an idea of what ‘amazing’ street art really is.  It might even change your life.

With that being said, welcome back Banksy.  The streets have missed you!

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