“How To Disappear Completely” by Brian Adam Douglas at Andrew Edlin Gallery

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Photos by G.  Art by Brian Adam Douglas.

Bryan Adam Douglas

“How To Disappear Completely” by Brian Adam Douglas

By the time you read this post, “How To Disappear Completely” by Brian Adam Douglas (who you may also know as street artist Elbow Toe) will have closed.  I made it over to the Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York  literally hours before it closed on the final day of the exhibit, so I hope this post will encourage you to look up more of Brian’s art.  If you only know the work of his alter ego Elbow Toe, you will be very impressed.  On the streets, Elbow Toe gets up high and low with funny little quotations (There is a crack in the bubble that is so damn large, that I could swim forever in this open space” – Elbow Toe, for example) and in a gallery setting, his works are extremely complex with vivid detail and tons of things going on inside his works.  You can click on the image to enlarge and you will get a glimpse of what I am talking about.  You will definitely want to prioritize seeing his next show, which we can hope will be soon.

Brian Adam Douglas

Brian Adam Douglas

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