RIP, Lou Reed

Posted by The G on October 27, 2013 under Celebrities | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Lou Reed and Moby on stage in 2007

Lou Reed and Moby on stage in 2007

Horrible news in the music world.  Rock god Lou Reed has died at age 71.  I’m a huge Velvet Underground fan as well as also having loved Lou’s solo career, so I am not doing so well as I write this.  Lou opened the door for all musicians to come after him by being one of the first art rockers.  Songs like “Heroin” and “Walk on the Wild Side” took you on the trip without getting your hands dirty and songs like “Perfect Day” and “Sunday Morning” are amongst the prettiest tracks ever recorded.  I saw Lou Reed out and about in New York many times and for the two good experiences I had with him, I had probably 5 times as many bad ones.  But that was Lou Reed and I will miss seeing him.  I wish peace and blessings to his partner Laurie Anderson at this difficult time.  Happy trails, Lou.  Thanks for a lifetime of amazing music.  Rest in peace!

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  • Gail said,

    RIP Lou! Thanks for the music! xo