An Encounter with Maxwell

Posted by The G on November 26, 2013 under Encounters with G | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Maxwell and Geoffrey Dicker

Maxwell and Geoffrey Dicker

How much do I love Maxwell?  Let me count the ways… I ran into the semi-reclusive singer recently and he was extremely nice.  He even clowned around with me when I asked him to take a photo!  I love that.  Rumours abound that his long awaited new album will be a duets album with Alicia Keys.  Before we all get super excited at that prospect, remember that he promised a trio of albums to be released one per year starting in 2009 and so far, sadly, only one of them has come out (no pun intended).  Let’s hope that Maxwell’s long delayed albums come out soon because the world needs more of his greatness!  It was great meeting you Maxwell and as soon as your next album comes out, I will be first in line to get it!

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  • Gail said,

    Cute pic!