Coming Soon… “Unfinished Lyrics” by Geoffrey Dicker

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Photo of the cover, whose photo is also taken by G.

Unfinished Lyrics by Geoffrey Dicker

Unfinished Lyrics by Geoffrey Dicker

A few years ago, I teased the existence of a new book entitled “Unfinished Lyrics.”  My fans have been asking me “WHEN?” ever since.  Well, my darlings, the wait is almost over, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience.  At the time, I shifted gears away from my own art to write about my adventures in the art and music worlds.  If you read this site, you know there are very few life changing experiences I’ve not had in those realms.  I’ve experienced the good, the awesome, the bad and the nasty.  Rather than be like everyone else, which to me is a fate worse than death, I’m going to continue to grow and challenge myself as I focus on a series of new projects, the first of which is “Unfinished Lyrics.”

The book is a collection of lyric fragments (couplets, choruses and verses), song lyrics that have never been recorded in any way as well as songs that have been recorded primarily by the uber talented singers Jim Emmons and Jeremy Gloff.

What you may or may not know is that Jim Emmons and I have released 3 albums:  “In The Absence of Red,” “Throwing Stars” and “So Strange” (shameless plug: all are available on iTunes) and the track “Manhunt” recorded by Jeremy Gloff was featured in the movie “Eating Out: The Lost Weekend.”

I pose the challenge to you, my dear readers, that when you read the words, if they make you feel like singing, DO IT!  Let’s make a million bucks!  Everyone else is doing it, so why not you and me?!

More details and samples to be released soon, so please watch this space.

Thanks again for all your love and support!



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