Video: “The Man Machine” live by Kraftwerk

Posted by The G on April 9, 2014 under G Videos | Comments are off for this article

HD Video by G.

On April 2, 2014, I finally got to see the legendary Kraftwerk live in concert at the United Palace Theater in New York.  It was worth the wait as the electronic pioneers blew my mind with their show.  If you read my “10 Observations” from the show, you saw that my only complaint was not from the band but from the audience!  Everyone around my section kept getting up and walking back and forth, and when being in the presence of so much greatness, it was unbelievable that these people would spend their money/energy going to a show and then not watch it!  I could of course go into a diatribe about how the definition of “retarded” should be changed because some people are merely physically challenged and others are deliberately clueless.  But I won’t.   Instead, I will show you a world exclusive video of “The Man Machine.”  Again, please try to disregard the number of heads that totally cock-block an otherwise perfect video.


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