According2g.com is the #1 music and art blog on the planet.  Written by poet, t-shirt designer, lyricist and abstract painter Geoffrey Dicker, the site is personally curated with first hand experiences in the hottest music and art events (primarily taking place in New York).   According2g.com is everything you need to know from A to G and beyond.

After celebrating its 5th year of existence in May of 2014, According2g.com boasts some pretty impressive statistics that you will not find on any other blog on the entire Internet:

– over 6,600 posts (which averages to over 3 posts a day, 7 days a week)

365 concert videos

830 celebrity “Encounters with G”

– 900 art exhibit reviews

– 825 concert reviews

225 essays featuring G’s unique take on social issues

and features over 13,000 world exclusive photos.

and wrote essays about 225 social observations, all the while posting over 13,000 world exclusive photos that I took!

With over 20 years of experience of meeting thousands of celebrities, rock stars and artists, seeing the top bands and art shows all over the world, Geoffrey Dicker, the man about Manhattan, aims to turn readers on or help the viewer rediscover the very best of the art and music worlds as seen through the eyes of G.   According2g.com’s stories, videos and photos have been featured on the home pages of internet giants such as Rolling Stone, New Music Express (NME) and The Daily Mail, just to name a few sites.

According2g.com’s Geoffrey Dicker. At your service.

Geoffrey Dicker was born with the gift of creative randomness.  His writing career has seen the release of 2 books of abstract poetry called “Sketches of Verbal Alchemy,”  “Unfinished Lyrics” and “I Won The Internet!,”  3 albums of pop music by singer Jim Emmons that he penned the lyrics for.  He has also designed a line of American Apparel “G-Shirts,” and when he is not attending art openings, meeting the rich and fabulous or standing in the front row at Rock and Roll concerts, he makes surreal paintings.

On the corporate side, he has worked for MGM Studios, where he managed the ultra-prestigious James Bond film library (for international TV licensing), has worked on the production side of a hugely successful reality TV show and even picked out all the tracks for “Ultimate Prince,” a 2 disc greatest hits set by one of his favorite musicians.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns or would like to book me for interviews in the realm of pop culture, please send me a note at gpoet7 at gmail dot com.

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Your fearless leader G

Your fearless leader G

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According2g.com is all natural.

According2g.com is all natural.