Young Empires to Release “The Gates” on March 30, 2015

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Photo courtesy of Young Empires.

Young Empires Logo

Young Empires

2015 got off to a slow start musically, but as the ice starts to melt in New York, Toronto’s Young Empires are heating things up.  Earlier this year, in association with Coors Altitude, their first new song in quite a while, the ultra infectious “So Cruel,” became a Youtube sensation, chalking up close to a million views.  See video below and you will see why it’s so popular.

March 30, 2015 will see the worldwide release of another new Young Empires song, “The Gates.”  They are offering an exclusive preview of the track on their Instagram page (link will open in a new window).  You can also follow them on Soundcloud.

Welcome back, Young Empires!  We’ve missed you!


Bright Light Bright Light News!

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Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light at Joe's Pub April 2014

Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light at Joe’s Pub April 2014

New York’s favorite import is back to stay!  Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas) is back on our soil and at a sold out show at Joe’s Pub on April 25, 2014 in New York, he gave the crowd many reasons to believe in hope (excuse the pun).

He began the show by performing his upcoming album “Life Is Easy” in full on piano.  The record will be released in July 2014 and like his debut album, “Make Me Believe in Hope,” the songs deal with love, despair and and gratitude.  Rod’s voice is like a little slice of heaven with ridiculously catchy pop hooks that will make you want to get yourself to the nearest dance-floor immediately.  The first single is called “I Wish We Were Leaving” and it features guest vocals from Sir Elton John, whom Rod will be touring with in Europe in June and July 2014.

Rod Thomas mentioned that he can officially call Brooklyn his permanent home (on behalf of New York, welcome to the neighborhood, Rod!) and he is working with another beloved Brookylnite, Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters on the second Slo Knights album, which will hopefully see release later on in 2014.

During the encore, while he played the crowd favorite “Immature” off his first record, he mentioned that if you pre-order “Life Is Easy” on his official website, you will get a digital copy of the audio from the Joe’s Pub show!  I was at the show and it was a night to remember, so make sure you order your copy and spread the word!

The tracklist for “Life Is Easy” (released in July 2014) is:

1. Everything I Ever Wanted
2. There Are No Miracles
3. I Wish We Were Leaving (with Elton John)
4. An Open Heart
5. Good Luck
6. I Believe
7. Lust For Life
8. More Than Most
9. In Your Care
10. Too Much
11. Happiness


Dev Hynes Loses All in Fire, Needs Your Help

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Devonte Hynes aka Dev aka Test Icicles aka Lightspeed Champion aka Blood Orange

Devonte Hynes aka Dev aka Test Icicles aka Lightspeed Champion aka Blood Orange

If you are in the giving spirit this holiday season, indie musician Dev Hynes (who records as Test Icicles, Lightspeed Champion and Blood Orange) could sure use your help.  He lost everything in an apartment fire, including old hard drives, tons of music he’s written and recorded and even his poor dog perished in the fire.  So tragic and sad.  I’ve lived through an apartment fire (luckily my ‘stuff’ was ok, though the same cannot be said about the building I’d lived in) and I can truly say it was one of the worst days of my life.  Massive hugs for a speedy recovery to Dev Hynes on this horrible tragedy that he’s going through.

So here’s where you can help – they’ve set up a GoFundYourself account to help Dev Hynes pick up the pieces.  The link is here, and awesomely, they’ve raised over $15,000 US within the first 24 hours.  Obviously rebuilding your life from scratch is quite expensive, so please give a thought to Dev this season and give what you can, no matter how small.

Update: Morrissey NOT to Sign “Autobiography” at Barnes and Noble NYC on 12/12/13

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New York!  Get ready for a winter time clusterfuck!   The reclusive and almost always disapproving Morrissey will be signing his autobiography entitled “Autobiography” at Barnes and Noble in Union Square on December 12, 2013 at 7 pm.  No performance, no reading, just a ‘straight’ signing.  Your receipt for book purchase is your ticket (per their tweet) My suggestion is that you get there early and don’t be disappointed if Moz signs a few and peaces out.  Good luck!

Update:  A day after getting everyone’s panties in a bunch about this event, Barnes and Noble (via Gothamist) have backtracked and said the event is not happening.  I wonder if it’s because Morrissey disapproved of the venue.   Or maybe he is still blaming former Smiths manager for sabotaging this effort?

Free Download: ThankYouX and Jam3s K3nn3dy “Gonna Lose My Mind” Ft. Jurassic 5’s Chali2na

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Photo by G.  Art by Thank You X.

Thank You X - We Want More

Thank You X – We Want More

One of our favorite street artists, ThankYouX has already made the transition from the streets to galleries.  He’s made another leap and this time, it’s into the music world!  Already a quite successful DJ (under the moniker Hi Deaf), he’s getting ready to release his debut single with LA Riots titled “Rewind” coming out next month on Dim Mak Records.  Prior to the release of “Rewind,” ThankYouX and Jam3s K3nn3dy have teamed up with Jurassic 5’s Chali2na and you can download their track “Gonna Lose My Mind” on ThankYouX’ official Soundcloud page (along with several other mixes… all for a limited time!)  ThankYou for the free downloads ThankYouX!

P.S.  ThankYouX has not retired from art and in fact, the above mural you see was painted live at a recent event in New York celebrating the new MotoX phone.  X Marks the spot!


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