10 Questions with Street Artist Conumbdrum

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Photos courtesy of Conumbdrum.

Push Button for Conumbdrum

A conumdrum is a riddle whose answer involves a pun.  A conumdrum is also an intricate or difficult problem.  It stands to reason that when I interviewed Los Angeles based street artist Conumbdrum, his responses were filled with thought provoking riddles; however, he was anything but difficult when he answered the following questions.


According2g: How did you get started in street art?

Conumbdrum: I’ve always been obsessed with photocopies and multiple images. And I’ve xeroxed so many of the same images over and over through the years, I had to find a way to rid myself of them so giving them away seemed only right.

There is nothing to see here.


A2G: Who are your heroes and influences?

C: Hmmm, kill your idols! I mean when you rid yourself of the influence of “heroes” you find your true voice. But I do still have a fondness for outlaws like Sam Shepard, Charles Bukowski, and Dennis Hopper.

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