The Truth About Social Media: Social Media Is Bullshit!

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Geoffrey to Social Media

Geoffrey to Social Media

Newsflash – Social media is bullshit!  Back in the day, before the internet, it really took a lot of hard work and effort to get your message out there and these days, with the click of a button, you can blast your self promotion to the masses in a matter of seconds.

In more technologically primitive times, it was really hard to measure the results of your marketing efforts.  Now with the internet, we don’t need the “Nielsen Ratings” estimations of how many people viewed your product, we have ACTUALS!  And now that we have actuals, I am breaking the news to you that social media is actually a waste of time, energy and money.

Sure, if you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. for fun, you might get some use out of these things.  If you are trying to make money, gain a following or spread a message, you might be better off standing on the street corner with a megaphone shouting at passing cars.  If companies are telling you that social media is saving their lives or increasing their bottom line by leaps and bounds, they are fucking liars and you should take your business elsewhere.

With the advent of sites like (where you can purchase social media followers for nominal amounts of money), you literally get what you pay for – higher numbers in the amount of people who follow you, but they are just that – numbers.  They are not real people, people that can help see or spread your message and get you customers.  They are just a number to brag to people to keep up with the online Joneses.

Let’s look at this in terms of simple math:  If you have 1,000 followers and you are able to sell $1,000 worth in product to each of them, you could make a cool $100,000 per year.  When you have 1,000 followers and a large portion of them are fake, suddenly having a huge number doesn’t really seem to do much after all.   Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but overall, people spin the uselessness of social media by shouting to their followers – “Look at me, I have [Insert huge number of followers here] followers” rather than say “I have a [huge number of followers] and my message is not getting spread!”

Google and Facebook’s algorithms have changed and now a lot of times you cannot reach your own friends/followers unless you pay!  When I started writing my blog 5 years ago, my ranking in Google searches was always based upon my timeliness to post the information before other sites and because I strive for excellence, I always ranked high.  Since I refuse to pay to have my ranking increased, by changing nothing on my end, except writing more and seeing less traffic, my site doesn’t rank as highly in Google searches anymore, and for an indie site like myself – it hurts my traffic badly!

On Facebook, they’ve instituted a new policy whereby you have to pay for your followers/friends to see your content.  Your friends/followers have to physically change their settings to show particular users feeds, which most people either don’t know about or do not do and that also hurts traffic. When I cannot make a living off this site and my goal is to turn people on to art & music they might not otherwise be exposed to and I can’t even do THAT, it kind of makes the site seem pointless and many other writers I’ve spoken to are feeling the same way.

On Twitter, you hear about tweets going viral nearly every day.  This is the reality (and is in no way a diss to the Tate Museum, whom I am a huge fan of.  I just want to illustrate my point):  On December 19, 2013, London’s Tate Museum posted the subject #ArtXmasFilms and they listed a couple of famous films and juxtaposed them with some famous artists.  They ended the tweet with “can you do better?”   I added my two cents “to the conversation” and I got retweeted!  Amazing!  Even more amazing is the fact that the Tate Museum has a whopping 994,867 followers!!! My tweet was the only tweet for several hours in Tate Modern’s timeline and it was retweeted during a “prime time” in London (around 9 pm).

Screen capture of Tate retweeting me

Phone screen capture of Tate retweeting me.

After the jump, see what having nearly ONE MILLION pairs of eyes seeing my tweet did for me.

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Video: “High Society” live by Betty Who

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HD Video by G.

On December 14, 2013 Australian singer Jessica Anne Newham, better known as Betty Who performed 2 sold out shows at Mercury Lounge in New York.  Snow storm be damned, the venue was packed!  Unlike most of these new bands you read about on blogs where they don’t do any research and just post the press release, I can say that Betty Who lives up to all the online hype she’s getting.  She has a hell of a voice, has a great look and is super cool towards her fans, of which I have become one after seeing her perform.

Songs like “High Society,” will hopefully turn you into a fan.  The only way you will know for sure is by clicking PLAY.   Enjoy.


Dev Hynes Loses All in Fire, Needs Your Help

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Photo by G.

Devonte Hynes aka Dev aka Test Icicles aka Lightspeed Champion aka Blood Orange

Devonte Hynes aka Dev aka Test Icicles aka Lightspeed Champion aka Blood Orange

If you are in the giving spirit this holiday season, indie musician Dev Hynes (who records as Test Icicles, Lightspeed Champion and Blood Orange) could sure use your help.  He lost everything in an apartment fire, including old hard drives, tons of music he’s written and recorded and even his poor dog perished in the fire.  So tragic and sad.  I’ve lived through an apartment fire (luckily my ‘stuff’ was ok, though the same cannot be said about the building I’d lived in) and I can truly say it was one of the worst days of my life.  Massive hugs for a speedy recovery to Dev Hynes on this horrible tragedy that he’s going through.

So here’s where you can help – they’ve set up a GoFundYourself account to help Dev Hynes pick up the pieces.  The link is here, and awesomely, they’ve raised over $15,000 US within the first 24 hours.  Obviously rebuilding your life from scratch is quite expensive, so please give a thought to Dev this season and give what you can, no matter how small.

Video: “Congratulations” live by MGMT at Barclays Center

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HD Video by G.

Congratulations!  By seeing this post, you’ve stumbled onto a blog that in 5 short years has written over 6,500 posts primarily about art, music and celebrities and other miscellaneous things I’ve experienced in person.  Every post features world exclusive photos. What a concept!!!  If you can find another site on the net that has these types of characteristics, please put me in touch with them.  I’m always looking for people who inspire me.  The sites I tend to see on the internet tend to be people who have no opinion of their own to voice until they receive a press release which they can straight up regurgitate.  I find that very sad and uninspiring.

In the meanwhile, here’s a video I took of the all mighty MGMT performing the brilliant track “Congratulations” live at Barclays Center on December 13, 2013.


10 Observations from MGMT at Barclays Center

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Andrew Van Wyngarden of MGMT

Andrew Van Wyngarden of MGMT

On December 13, 2013, New York’s own MGMT played Barclays Center in Brooklyn, thus making it MGMT’s biggest NY show to date.  Here are 10 observations from my experience at the show.

1. Every hipster in New York was at the MGMT show.

2. After seeing MGMT in small venues (Mercury Lounge), medium sized venues (Webster Hall), festivals (All Points West), large venues (Radio City Music Hall), and museums (Guggenheim), their best show to date was the arena (Barclays) show where they were able to show off extremely cool visuals and they let the music do the talking.  Though being a “hipster who jumped the shark” type band, their songwriting is really excellent.

3. During their epic 12 minute song “Siberian Breaks,” which features many changes, the audience had no idea it was the same song and applauded thunderously as each change happened.

4. MGMT smartly paced out their 3 major “hits” (‘Time to Pretend,’ ‘Electric Feel’ and ‘Kids’) and after “Kids” was played at least 1/2 of Barclays Center made a mass exodus for the door, despite there being several songs to go.

5. Even though they played 5 songs from their disappointingly horrible new album, they were peppered in between their more “catchy” and “linear” songs off their first two albums, therefore not derailing the momentum of the show too badly.



6. Although the setlist was 16 songs long, favorites such as “The Handshake,” “Brian Eno,” “Astro-Mancy,” “Destrokk” and “Future Reflections” were omitted.

7. Nearly everyone around where I sat took selfies for the duration of the show.

8. The “cheap seats” section was closed thus messing with the acoustics of the arena and the sound was pretty bad, whereby it was very echo-y and it was very hard to make out the lyrics.

9. A gigantic cowbell was played during “Your Life Is A Lie,” and when Gibby Haynes from Butthole Surfers (who was a special guest that came out to play the dreaded instrument) missed his cues, you could still hear the sound of the cowbell thus potentially arousing a “Cowbell Lipsync” scandal.

10. MGMT at BRCLYS were AWSM and a video of “Congratulations” will be coming soon!

The setlist was:

Flash Delirium / Time To Pretend / Introspection / The Youth / Of Moons, Birds & Monsters / Mystery Disease / It’s Working / Weekend Wars / I Found A Whistle / Siberian Breaks / Electric Feel / Your Life Is A Lie / Kids / Cool Song No. 2 / Alien Days

Encore: Congratulations

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