Prince – 20Ten: The G Review

Posted by The G on July 9, 2010 under G Reviews | 41 Comments to Read

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As long time readers, fans and friends know, I love Prince!  He’s one of the best live performers to ever have graced the stage and his music, whether released or unreleased, is always in high rotation with me.  I’ve stuck by his side through name changes, religious epiphanies, lawsuits against fans and other WTF moments such as his recent “the internet is completely over” comment.  I’ve even supported his music long after working on one of his greatest hits�CDs where I was hired because the man allegedly wanted nothing to do with the record, then after completing my work on the project, he pissed all over it and made us go back and take off tracks such as “Erotic City,” and I’ve had to live with reading reviews that say “this album would have been great if only it would have included ‘Erotic City.'”  With that being said, I’ve started to enjoy his new music less and less with each new album. Not for any of these reasons, but I truly think that his religious ideologies in the Jehovah’s Witness faith have seeped into his music too much, forcing him to sing lyrics to prove that he’s more spiritual than you or I.  Furthermore, I don’t see how a man who once sang “Sexuality is all you’ll ever need,” could possibly believe his own lyrics such as “Accurate knowledge of Christ and the Father will bring the everlasting now,” and I think it shows in his recent output.  I’m all for spirituality, but since neither of us were around to see Jesus, I’d prefer if he separated religious fiction from funk music.  It doesn’t take a scientist to see that religion needs spirituality and not the other way around.  Case closed.

With that being said, see my comments as I listen to his new album “20Ten” for the first time.

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