36 Minutes of Harry Potter 7 Leaks Online

Posted by The G on November 18, 2010 under GNN | Read the First Comment

Photo by G.

Harry Potter 7 (Part 1). In theaters on November 19. Online - NOW!

I just read that the first 36 minutes of Harry Potter 7 (Part 1) have leaked online!  This just once again proves one thing – movie studios are extremely lax about security measures and then they want to bitch about how online piracy is cutting into their profit margin.  I am not advocating online sharing.  Also, I am going to go see HP7 on Saturday morning and I am very excited.  However, I cannot help but laugh a lot that a good chunk of this coveted film is making the rounds in advance of its theatrical release.  If you get caught having this movie on your hard drive, the consequences will probably be severe, so I don’t know why you’d want to risk it.  But for those that have, I applaud the big middle finger you’ve just given to the crumbling corporate machine!  Get out your buckets.

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