“Science Fiction Predicted Your Future” by BEAU at 395 Wythe

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Photos by G.  Art by BEAU.

Retina Scan by BEAU

Retina Scan by BEAU

One of the amazing things about BEAU is that he is a master of all styles.  His work is extremely varied and just when you thought you’ve seen all there is to see from BEAU, he changes it up on you! This quality is quite welcome, especially when so many artists (that shall not be named) have found a formula that works and they just repeat it in multicolors.  This is not the case with BEAU and when you see his latest exhibit “Science Fiction Predicted Your Future” at 395 Wythe in Brooklyn, you cannot help but be wowed!

Autonomous Android by BEAU

Autonomous Android vs. Biological Human by BEAU

In one of his most politically charged exhibits yet, “Science Fiction Predicted Your Future” features dozens of new works on stretched canvas (that are gigantic in scale) and each work features the juxtaposition of a seemingly common item with a phrase or a notion that leaves you thinking about robots/electronics versus humans, the simplicity of the past, the changing times and the role reversals that are affecting our present and future.

Heart Cookie By BEAU

Heart Cookie By BEAU

You can see more photos of the exhibit on Hugh Burckhardt’s site “More than Usual.”

“Science Fiction Predicted Your Future” by BEAU will be showing at 395 Wythe in Brooklyn through the end of July 2013, so don’t miss it!

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