Worst Viral Campaign Ever – Prince Sues Himself

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Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist

Less than 48 hours ago, Prince’s minions (via the Twitter account ‘3rdEyeGirl’), uploaded 4 extremely disposable new tracks – one new song, one remix of a recent song, one extended version of a previously released track and one rehearsal video clip.

In a typical ‘WTF is Prince doing’ move, a letter was allegedly issued to ‘3rdEyeGirl’ asking for the removal of the videos with dollar amounts attached to each infringement.

Instead of surrounding himself with creative people like he did in the 80s and 90s, Prince is just showing how out of touch with reality he really is by suing himself.

Prince, if you are out there, you are embarrassing yourself and ruining your legacy!  That’s what you should cease and desist doing.  If U wanna talk Prince, eye am here 4 u, bb.

Prince News: Good and Bad

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I have good and bad news about Prince.  The good news – he appears to  have denounced his previous statement that the internet is dead (even though he’s used a certain website to be his town crier for the last few years) and has created (or one of his purple peeps has created) a Twitter account by the name of @3rdEyeGirl.  This brings us to the second piece of good news – 3rdEyeGirl has posted Youtube (a website Prince formerly sued for posting his videos) videos of a live rehearsal of his classic song”Bambi” (a song whose lyrics are about lesbianism and are very un-Jehovah like, according2g), a previously unreleased “Xtended” version of the 2010 song “Laydown,” whose lyrics feature the most cringeworthy phrase ever uttered in a Prince song (“purple yoda”), a new remix of the recent throwaway song “Rock and Roll Love Affair” and a brand new throwaway song called “Same Page Different Book.”

And now the bad news – all of the new songs he’s laid on us (not just these but all the songs over the past few years) are totally boring and uninspired.  It’s official, his religion has rotted his creativity.  He can certainly still cut the rug live, but his recent music is not the Prince who made us all fall in love with him 30 years ago.  It’s sad to see him sitting on vault classics and instead releasing music that is totally beneath his greatness.  It’s also sad that he thinks these songs are worthy of being released when he has hours and hours of funk that will kill you locked away in a safe.  He used to make music where you couldn’t even define the sound because it sounded like nothing you’d ever heard before but now, he just makes mediocre funk throwaways.  Prince, if you are out there, and you probably are because I’ve posted an unreleased photo and Jehovah-forbid that someone uses his image without his consent – even though he’s one of the richest musicians in the world and even though I took this photo fair and square, his purple lawyers will probably try and make me take down the image.  Well good, because you and I need to have a serious talk.

On a side note, we shouldn’t expect the 3rdEyeGirl Twitter account to last long, but you can follow me on @according2g.  I’m not going anywhere.

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