“The Prodigy of Color” by Aelita Andre

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Photos by G.  Art by Aelita Andre.

The Prodigy of Color by Aelita Andre. Now showing at Agora Gallery in New York through June 25, 2011.

When you first look at the works of Aelita Andre, you might think you are gazing at your typical run of the mill abstract paintings.  Her mixed media paintings are different however.  Aelita Andre is 4 years old!  “The Prodigy of Color” features over 20 works from the Australia based (of Russian heritage) child prodigy.  The paintings are all quite large and extremely impressive.  Videos are shown of the artist making the paintings so there’s no doubt that she is the artist.  The film “My Kid Could Paint That” from 2007 documented another 4 year old girl who made paintings, but it was later discovered that she merely assisted with the paintings instead of creating them from start to finish.

"Life In The Aquarium"

In Aelita Andre’s bio, it says that she created her first major body of work at age 2!  Wow!  It will be really interesting to follow her career, so put Aelita Andre on your radar and be prepared to witness the rise of a major talent.  At press time, the exhibit is almost sold out, so you’d better act now if you want to own a piece of history.

Partial Gallery View

“The Prodigy of Color” by Aelita Andre runs until June 25, 2011.  The Agora Gallery is located at 530 West 25th Street in New York.

When I visited the gallery, Aelita Andre happened to be there.  She was sitting behind the reception desk playing with her magical wand (which was actually a feather duster).  As I spoke with her and congratulated her on a major accomplishment she waved her wand at me and advised that I’d been turned into a duck.  She then turned me into a cat and finally, I was turned back into a human.  It was certainly one of the cutest exchanges I’ve had with an artist in quite some time.  Once again, I wish her all the success in the world and it appears that she will not need a magic wand to obtain it.

Aelita Andre

Aelita Andre and her magic wand.


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