Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day Talks About “American Idiot”

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From left: Moderator, Billie Joe Armstrong, Michael Mayer

On September 19, 2010, Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day) and Michael Mayer (who directed “American Idiot” on Broadway) spoke about the project at the 92 Y Tribeca in New York.  The conversation was very interesting as Billie Joe touched on everything from meeting his fellow mates in Green Day to which character he’d want to play if he were starring in the musical.  (He offered an “I don’t know” or “the drummer” as his answer).  Billie Joe talked about having no regrets for any of the personal lyrics he’s offered in his career, as well as speaking about being a father to two teenage sons and he spoke lovingly about his wife, whom he’s been with since he was in his late teens. (“I’m just attached to that chick,” he said.)  He also mentioned that he is open to writing another musical in the future and his advice to budding musicians is just to be the best you can and to just go for it.  I was never the biggest Green Day fan, but after seeing them live last year, I fell in love.  At that show, Billie Joe brought fans up on stage to play guitar and sing which are experiences those people will probably never get over.  After hearing him talk, you can tell what a cool guy Billie Joe is and I am in love even more!  I met Billie Joe Armstrong after his talk and even though he was mobbed by screaming girls, he signed a bunch of autographs (including my “American Idiot,” “Dookie” and “Bullet in A Bible” and “21st Century Breakdown” cds and took a picture with me.  See a picture of my encounter and a brief video of the discussion coming soon.  Please be patient.  I am but one mere mortal with experiences of epic proportions.

Moderator, Billie Joe and Michael Mayer

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