A TV Show Worse Than “Glee”

Posted by The G on May 24, 2011 under GNN | Comments are off for this article

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The Glee Project

The Glee Project

American I-dull seriously lowered the IQ of music when the televised karaoke contest hit the airwaves in 2006.  Rather than encouraging singers to actually write their own songs, the show inspired people to belt out classic songs that can NEVER EVER EVER sound better than the originals. – EVER! 

Several years later, a new show came along that was basically American Idol with a thin plot.  The show was called “Glee.”  Once again, it dumbed down an already in the gutter musical IQ.  The cast of Glee even broke the Beatles record on the Billboard charts for most appearances by a non solo act.   To add insult to injury, the Glee cast did it with covers of 5 Britney Spears songs.  My stomach turns as I write these words.

How can you marry the worst of both worlds?  By making “the Glee Project,” a show where people compete to be on “Glee.” Seriously?!

This is a very sad moment for music.

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