A2G’s Man of the Year: Julian Assange

Posted by The G on December 30, 2010 under The G Spot | Comments are off for this article

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Julian Assange

Julian Assange

“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.” – Geoffrey Dicker

I’ve been saying for a really long time that the world is due for a huge shakeup.  Corporate greed has enslaved in ways that would probably make Adolph Hitler wince!  There’s no such thing as the middle class anymore.  The news aka the Doom and Gloom channel only tells you bad things to freak you out and keep you wrapped around Big Brother’s finger.  Devices such as the I-phone and Blackberrys are teaching people how to be as selfish (and self-important) as possible and to forget how to act in public when faced with ACTUAL people.  Corporations care only about profit and with the recent outbreak of mass unemployment, employers are now realizing they can force their workers to do more for the same pay.

Julian Assange is trying to change all that.  By releasing documents that governments and corporations don’t want you to see, we might finally start to see a system of checks and balances put into place – that is, if he is not wiped out first.  If we are going to pay taxes, shouldn’t we know where our money is going?  If we are going to work for these evil corporations, don’t we have the right to know what the leaders of said companies are doing with our labor?  Remember, there are two sides to every story (even though we typically only get to hear one side) and if anything in this post is new information, please get your head out of your ass IMMEDIATELY!

This is the information age, so be informed!  You can go back to promoting your brand on Twitter now.

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