Happy Birthday, Ari Lankin

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Photo by G.  Art by Ari Lankin.

Ari Lankin

Ari Lankin

We’d like to wish a very special happy birthday to artist Ari Lankin today!  Ari’s art is great.  He is a master of many styles and as you can see above, his abstract paintings are both colorful and will give you endless viewing pleasure.  You should definitely check out Ari Lankin’s official site as he often shows “process videos” where you can see a time-lapsed video that covers the inception to completion of selected paintings.  I am fascinated by the videos as he often starts a painting in one direction and by the time it’s finished, it has taken a radically different direction. On a personal note, I’ve been lucky enough to visit Ari’s Manhattan studio and he is such a cool guy who in addition to being incredibly talented, is extremely cultured as well.  Love ya man!  Have a great birthday!

“Windows of Self” by Ari Lankin at RL Fine Arts

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Photos by G. Art by Ari Lankin.

Pink on the Brain by Ari Lankin

Pink on the Brain by Ari Lankin

I discovered the art of Ari Lankin earlier this year and my life has been much more colorful ever since.  His latest solo show “Windows of Self” at RL Fine Arts in New York is really great.  This show focuses on Ari’s abstract side.  As you examine his works, your mind will think of many meanings – some concrete, some ambiguous.  Seeing these works in person is obviously the preferred experience as you really get to soak in the rich colors he uses.  However, when I was reviewing my photos from the opening night reception, I started noticing many different things I didn’t catch when I was standing in front of his paintings.

Bloom by Ari Lankin

Bloom by Ari Lankin

Ari’s paintings are open to infinite interpretations and in fact, he finds the most interesting ones are those that say his works look completely different depending on the time of day.  I’ve spent some time in Ari’s studio and he’s really knowledgeable about art both in history and technique and it shows in his paintings.  His works seem spontaneous and yet, masterfully planned out.  That’s a winning juxtaposition of ideas, according2g.   In addition to this great exhibit, you should check out Ari Lankin’s official website as he often shows in process photos and videos of his paintings and it’s really fascinating to see the origins of his works and what they become.

View With A Room by Ari Lankin

View With A Room by Ari Lankin

See these great works of art in person and open up some windows in your mind at RL Fine Arts in New York (located at 39 West 19th Street #612).  “Windows of Self” by Ari Lankin runs until November 12, 2011.

In The Studio With Ari Lankin

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Photos by G.  Art by Ari Lankin.

Ari Lankin Studio

Inside Ari Lankin's New York Studio

Ari Lankin is not just an artist.  He’s a fountain of creativity.  I recently discovered his work and it was love at first sight.  After a visit to his New York studio, it’s very clear that Ari Lankin is a name you’ll be hearing about for years to come.  If you don’t know his work, it’s nearly impossible to categorize as he does everything from sketches to collage to abstract and realist paintings to sneaker design!  It’s often intimidating to be around someone as creative as Ari Lankin, but from the moment I walked into his studio, he was down to earth and extremely interesting to talk to.  Over the course of a couple of hours we talked about everything from spirituality to street art to our shared love of Picasso and our personal experiences meeting the singer Bjork.  Lankin is extremely well read, well experienced and he has new ideas flowing constantly.

Partial view of Ari Lankin's studio

A walk through Ari Lankin’s studio is the equivalent to going into a cleverly arranged art exhibit as there are paintings from ceiling to floor varying in size from small to extremely large with abstract paintings hanging side by side with collages.  While eclectic, it all fits perfectly because Ari wants the viewer to escape into another world, even if just for moments at a time.  Your mind will not only take the trip into Ari’s world, but if it’s anything like the experience I had, it won’t want to come back.

Madison Square Park and Plensa's Echo by Ari Lankin

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