Obey Thoven

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Obey Thoven

Obey Thoven

Did you know that November is National Beethoven Awareness month?  You didn’t?  Well, you are welcome.  November 1, 2011 is also the day that the Ultra Deluxe Box Set of U2’s best album “Achtung Baby” comes out.  Disc 6 is the jewel of the package, according2g.  An entirely different version of the album as the songs from U2’s most creative album were still being worked out.  Sounds great and it also proves that part of U2’s genius is the producer they pick to refine their sound, as you will hear.  I mention U2 because the poster for the deluxe box set as well as the docmentary “From the Sky Down” is pictured next to Obey Thoven.

Now you’ve learned two things today.

Q Magazine’s “Achtung Baby” U2 Tribute Album Details

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Patti Smith

Patti Smith

To celebrate the re-release of an epic deluxe box set of U2’s seminal album “Achtung Baby,” Q Magazine will be giving away a free tribute album performed by some of the hottest names in music.

AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered

1. Nine Inch Nails, “Zoo Station”
2. U2, “Even Better Than the Real Thing” (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
3. Damien Rice, “One”
4. Patti Smith, “Until The End Of The World”
5. Garbage, “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”
6. Depeche Mode, “So Cruel”
7. Snow Patrol, “Mysterious Ways”
8. The Fray, “Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World”
9. Gavin Friday, “The Fly”
10. The Killers, “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)”
11. Glasvegas, “Acrobat”
12. Jack White, “Love Is Blindness”

The issue will be available at newstands on October 26, 2011.

Details of U2’s “Achtung Baby” Box Set

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In case you missed this great news, here’s some details on what will be included in U2’s deluxe reissue of their best album, “Achtung Baby”:

An Uber Deluxe Edition will be the most elaborate (and expensive) version of the set, will include all of the following in a numbered magnetic puzzle-tiled box:

• Six CDs including Achtung Baby and its 1993 follow up Zooropa, plus discs featuring B sides, outtakes and reworked versions of unheard material from the Achtung sessions

• Four DVDs including ZOO TV: Live From Sydney, the new documentary From the Sky Down and all of the music videos from the period

• Five clear 7-inch singles in replicas of their original packaging

• 16 art prints from the original album sleeve

• 84-page hardback book

• One issue of Propaganda fanclub magazine

• Four badges

• One sticker sheet

• One replica of Bono’s “The Fly” sunglasses

Achtung Baby will also be reissued as a vinyl box set featuring the album along with two translucent blue vinyl disc featuring B sides and remixes and a double-disc CD with a bonus disc of B sides and rarities.  A remastered version without extras will also be released.

The final tracklists or release dates have not been released yet either, so it’ll be curious to compare those against a bootleg that has circulated for nearly 2 decades in perfect quality.  That track list is:

01 – Salome (5:47)
02 – Where Did it All Go Wrong? (3:58)
03 – Where Did it All Go Wrong? (3:40)
04 – Heaven and Hell (6:44)
05 – Doctor Doctor (2:36)
06 – Jitterbug Baby (3:56)
07 – Salome (9:15)
08 – Salome (5:34)
09 – Sunset In Colors/Chances Away (14:53)
10 – Chances Away (1:41)
11 – I Feel Free (6:32)
12 – I Feel Free (4:31)

13 – Sweet Baby Jane (2:04)
14 – Morning Child/Dont Turn Around (5:32)
15 – Morning Child/Dont Turn Around (4:01)
16 – Morning Child/Dont Turn Around (5:07)
17 – Take Today (instrumental) (6:28)
18 – Even Better Than The Real… (4:50)
19 – She’s Gonna Turn Your Head… (7:41)
20 – She’s Gonna Turn Your Head… (7:38)
21 – Back Mask U2 (5:32)
22 – She’s Gonna Turn Your Head… (7:36)
23 – Take Today (vocals) (6:31)

24 – Someone (1:07)
25 – Back Mask U2 (3:11)
26 – Acrobat (4:17)
27 – Salome (5:51)
28 – Morning Child/Dont Turn Around (5:07)
29 – Take You Down (5:18)
30 – Going Down South (5:34)
31 – Salome (3:51)
32 – Salome (13:06)
33 – Salome (6:00)
34 – Salome (8:00)
35 – Salome (12:02)

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