Video: “Sex And Violence” (Acoustic Version) Live By Scissor Sisters

Posted by The G on October 6, 2011 under G Videos | Comments are off for this article

HD Video by G.

I finally got to see Scissor Sisters perform my favorite track off their amazing album “Night Work.”  The song is “Sex and Violence” and they performed during the New Yorker Festival in Manhattan on October 1, 2011.  You can read about the event here and you can also see the world premiere of their new song “San Luis Obispo” here.  Thanks SS.  Love you!


“Boyfriend” by Jeremy Gloff

Posted by The G on December 31, 2009 under Artsy Fartsy | Read the First Comment

The amazing singer Jeremy Gloff has decided that throughout the month of December, he is taking requests to play acoustic versions of his best loved songs. I requested “Boyfriend” and not only did he play it, but he gave me a shout out! Thanks Jeremy! After this video plays, check out some of his other videos.  In a time when music is at a creative low-point, the world needs more people like Jeremy Gloff to give us a fix of pop, soul and funk.  His latest album “21st Century Love Songs” is now available on I-Tunes.

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