Video: “Mother Mother” live by Tracy Bonham

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Tracy Bonham (taken from According2g's Instagram Account)

Tracy Bonham (taken from According2g’s Instagram Account)

On August 28. 2015, I had a 1990s flashback!  Singer Tracy Bonham performed a rare New York show at Manhattan’s Rockwood Music Hall to double as a record release party for her new album “Wax & Gold.”  If you haven’t been following Tracy’s career, she’s continued making music and her latest release features all the qualities you’ve always loved about the singer/songwriter, except now, there’s even more reason to support her career, as Tracy Bonham has gone indie.  Catch yourself up on her official website and enjoy an acoustic version of one of the best songs of the 1990s, “Mother Mother.”


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Video: “Born This Way” (Piano Version) live by Lady Gaga at Roseland

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Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga!

The legendary Roseland Ballroom in New York is closing (to be turned into condominiums) and to send off the venue in style, Lady Gaga is performing 7 shows there.  I caught her 4th show on April 4, 2014 and it was definitely a spectacle, despite being a paltry hour long!  My observations from the show will be coming soon with some pretty spectacular pictures, but to tide you over for now, check out a video of “Born This Way” performed solo with just Gaga and her piano (and of course 3,500 screaming little monsters).


The setlist was:

Born This Way (acoustic) / Black Jesus – Amen Fashion / Monster / Bad Romance / Sexxx Dreams / Dope / You and I / Poker Face (acoustic) / Just Dance / Applause.



Video: “Salad Days” Live and Acoustic by Mac Demarco

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I have to gush a little.  When I first “discovered” Mac Demarco, I was on my way to interview him for a show on MTV called “Weird Vibes.”   I was unfamiliar with his music and from the second we met, we hit it off famously.  I found him to be such a cool person and once I heard his music, I became an instant fan.  His music is mostly guitar based and he’s got a smooth voice (see video below to get a taste).  Flash forward to present day, where Mac Demarco is releasing his 3rd album “Salad Days.”  He celebrated the release with an in-store live and acoustic performance at New York’s Other Music on March 27, 2014 and I was like a proud little parent watching fans lose their shit to take their photo with Mac, who is seriously one of the coolest dudes in Rock and Roll.  Mac – I wish you more and more success and it fills my heart with joy to see so many people responding so positively to your music!  So please check out “Salad Days” and go see Mac live when he comes to your town.  You will leave his concert in stitches, I promise!  He’s not just a great musician, but he’s a funny dude who will do literally anything and everything to get his audiences engaged and it works every time!  Love you Mac!

Video: “All The Way” (Live and Acoustic) by Timeflies

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Cal Shapiro of Timeflies

Cal Shapiro of Timeflies

Boston duo Timeflies are back!  The group is genre-bending as their music infuses rap, hip hop, funk, dance, pop and electronica.  They can definitely hold their own when they strip their music down and perform acoustic, as you are about to see.  To promote their new album “After Hours” which will be released on April 29, 2014 on Island/Def Jam, the group stopped by the label’s New York headquarters to give us an exclusive preview of their album.

Rob Resnick of Timeflies

Rob Resnick of Timeflies

The video you are about to see is Timeflies’ latest single “All The Way.”  Cal Shapiro freestyles in the middle of the song after having been given a list of topics (which he was not privy to before the performance began), he incorporates all of them into the song.  This video will hopefully be enough to tide you over until Timeflies’ album “After Hours” sees the light of day on April 29, 2014.

Just press play!

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Video: “Yellow Gold” Live and Acoustic by Andy Allo

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On January 27, 2014, Cameroonian-born singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, model, and actress Andy Allo performed her first ever solo show in New York at Mercury Lounge in the Lower East Side.  Fans braved the freezing temperatures only to have our hearts melted by Andy Allo’s smooth and very beautiful voice.  She performed songs from her debut album “Unfresh,” a cover of Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain,” as well as tracks from her latest offering, “Superconductor,” a record that featured some help from the Voldemort of funk – Prince.  Typically when Prince produces an artist, he brings out their best, but I can honestly say after seeing Andy Allo live, she is WAY better off without a little help from her friends.  Her voice is incredible and her songs work better stripped down acoustically than they do featuring purple production.  Like the Harry Potter universe did with Voldemort, Allo did not need to speak his name throughout her show and as a result, we were all able to fall in love with Andy Allo for her gift of song and not for her famous friends.

Check out an acoustic performance of her standout track “Yellow Gold” by clicking PLAY.

There’s no word if the Purple Police will come after me for posting this video, but if they do, I will comply and then write an article which will hopefully go viral about what a horrible person and business man Prince is… and boy, do I have stories I could tell.  Not a threat, just a fact.  He may be a control freak over his intellectual property, but he’s got nothing over mine.  He may dress like a Jehovah’s Witness, but the similarities end there, I assure you!   🙂

Thanks for a great night Andy!

Andy Allo and Geoffrey Dicker

Andy Allo and Geoffrey Dicker

Andy Allo Setlist at Mercury Lounge.  Now property of the G Archives.

Andy Allo Setlist at Mercury Lounge. Now property of the G Archives.


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