Faggots Down Below

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Photo by G.  Neon by Adam Green

Adam Green - Faggots Down Below

Adam Green – Faggots Down Below

If this sign makes you nervous, you need to put a little love in your heart.

“Houseface” by Adam Green at The Hole, NYC

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Photos by G.  Art by Adam Green.

Adam Green HouseFace

Adam Green “HouseFace” now showing at The Hole NYC through August 25, 2012.

Singer and artist Adam Green has a new exhibit called “Houseface” at The Hole NYC and if you like Green’s music or art, you’re in for a treat.  As the title of the show suggests, Adam has created a house out of art inside the walls of the gallery in a multi-media presentation which features painting, sculpture and Adam’s infamous movie “The Wrong Ferrari,” shown on a continuous loop in one of the galleries.

Art by Adam Green

The opening night reception was super crowded and filled with many of Adam Green’s famous friends including Macaulay Culkin (see spy photo after the jump), Har Mar Superstar, Dev Hynes and members of the band Real Estate.

Adam Green at House Face

Adam Green at HouseFace

See a couple more pix after the jump.

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Adam Green Releases “The Wrong Ferrari” Film Online

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Photo by G.

Adam Green

Adam Green

If you’ve ever seen Adam Green (of the Moldy Peaches) live in concert, then this next sentence will not come as a shock to you.  Adam Green has released a “ketamine fueled” film, shot entirely on an I-phone entitled “The Wrong Ferrari,” online.  The film stars Adam Green, Macauley Caulkin, Dev Hynes (aka Lightspeed Champion), Sky Ferreria, Pete Doherty, Davendra Banhart and Har Mar Superstar.  There’s no sense in telling you the plot because like most people, I’m sure I had you at Pete Doherty and Ketamine.

Apparently, Adam Green’s penis is exposed at some point in the 80 minute “screwball tragedy.”  If you get there before I do, please tell us in the comments section where it can be seen.  We at according2g are huge fans of male nudity!

Head over to the official The Wrong Ferrari site and take a trip!

Adam Green live at the Morrison Hotel Gallery

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Photos and video by G.

Adam Green at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York.

To celebrate the success and final night of Adam Green’s massively successful art show, “Teen Tech,” the singer performed a rare acoustic/acapella set at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York on May 2, 2010. Before the set, I talked with the singer and as usual, he was super cool. He said that his inspiration for the pieces in this exhibit were “a cross between MC Escher and Banksy.” He also told me that his next work is going to be a painting on a 9 foot door. Can’t wait to see that! Keep checking the Morrison Hotel’s site for updates on upcoming exhibits – including a Joel Brodsky exhibit! What better place is there to see Jim Morrison photos than the Morrison Hotel?!

See some more pictures of Adam Green as well as a video of him performing “Give Them A Token (Acoustic)” after a word from our sponsor.

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Savoir Adore live at the Bowery Ballroom

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Photos by G.

Savoir Adore

On April 24, 2010, Brooklyn based group Savoir Adore opened for Adam Green at the Bowery Ballroom.  Singers Deirdre Muro and Paul Hammer share vocal responsibilities and their music infuses folk, rock and electro pop. As I read on a website about them, their sound is as fluorescent as their album cover. I was instantly hooked from the opening song, which was a cover of “I Put A Spell On You,” so clearly that works well as suggestive selling for an intro to the band.  You can check them out for yourselves by clicking on the above link for their official website, which will also grant you access to 3 free mp3s from “In The Wooded Forest,” while supplies last.  After the set was over, I asked Paul Hammer to see the set list so I could share it with you and I am happy to announce that Savoir Adore has gone green!  They used their I-phones instead of paper, and I have to say, of all the bands I’ve seen, Savoir Adore is trailblazing for rockin’ and helping the environment.

See some more pictures as well as the “I-Phone” set list after the jump.

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