Must See Art: “In Pieces” by Dean West and Nathan Sawaya

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Photos of Dean West’s photos by G.  Art by Dean West (photos) and Nathan Sawaya (Lego Sculptures).

In Pieces by Dean West and Nathan Sawaya

In Pieces by Dean West and Nathan Sawaya

New York!  Don’t even think about missing a really cool exhibit by photographer Dean West and Lego sculpture artist Nathan Sawaya entitled “In Pieces” at Avant Gallery in New York (located at 201 Mulberry Street).

Dean West/ Nathan Sawaya

Dean West/ Nathan Sawaya

It’s extremely hard to see in these photos so let me explain what is happening.  In each of Dean West’s large scale photos, certain background objects are made out of Nathan Sawaya’s Lego sculptures.

Lego Flip Flops!

Lego Flip Flops!

Seeing the sculptures with the photographs in the same space is an extremely cool experience and it makes you wonder how they did it.

Extreme Closeup

Extreme Closeup

The model in the above photo is wearing a Lego dress and the dress is on display at the exhibit and it will certainly take your mind on a trip.

Lego Dress!

Lego Dress!

The floating Legos you see in this photo are suspended by wires and it’s just one of of many extremely cool works of art that definitely need to be seen in person to comprehend their awesomeness!

In Pieces” is only showing until March 17, 2013, so waste no time and head over to 201 Mulberry Street and check it out!



Delmonico’s Celebrates 175 Years in Business!

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Photos by G.


Delmonico’s Kitchen on 207 West 36th Street. Opening November 2012.

To stay in business in this tough economy is quite a feat these days.  Delmonico’s in New York is celebrating a huge accomplishment – their 175th year in business!  Whoa!  The restaurant group is set to open Delmonico’s Kitchen, located in Midtown, in November 2012.

Steak sandwiches at Delmonico’s

Prior to the public opening of Delmonico’s Kitchen, they hosted an exclusive preview and I was on hand for all of the action.  Guests got to sample some of the food that Delmonico’s will be offering and all of it was delicious.  We were served crab cakes, tuna tar tare and my personal favorite, steak sandwiches (as pictured above), which were heavenly.

Jodi Friedman at Delmonicos

Jodi Friedman at Delmonico’s

Ice-cream cones and beignets were served for dessert and by the time Jodi (who was so kind to strike a pose, as pictured above) and I left Delmonico’s, we were licking our lips and plotting a return visit.  Guests of the party were also given a Delmonico’s tote bag filled with a bottle of their signature sauce and a coffee table book detailing Delmonico’s illustrious history.


Delmonico’s Swag!

Thanks again Delmonico’s!  You’ll be seeing me again!

Delmonico’s Kitchen is located at 207 West 36th Street in Manhattan.


“DJED” by Matthew Barney at Gladstone Gallery

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Photos by G.  Art by Matthew Barney.

"DJED" by Matthew Barney. Now showing at Gladstone Gallery in NYC through October 22, 2011

The hottest place to be in New York City on September 17, 2011 was the opening for Matthew Barney’s latest exhibit “DJED” at Gladstone Gallery in New York.  Featuring 3 large scale sculptures, “DJED” is Matthew Barney’s first major works produced from industrial metals such as iron, bronze, copper and lead.  “DJED” is the first New York exhibition of his “Ancient Evenings” project which has been in progress since 2007.  It is inspired by Norman Mailer’s 1993 novel “Ancient Evenings,” and also titled as such.   It’s a multi-part project structured as a site specific opera in collaboration with Jonathan Bepler and deals with the soul’s progression through death and rebirth using an automobile as an allegory of the rise and fall of the American landscape.

“DJED” by Matthew Barney is showing at Gladstone Gallery (located at 530 West 21st Street) in New York through October 22, 2011. Hat tip to the Happy Famous Artists for the info.

“Tight Spot” by David Byrne at The Pace Gallery in New York

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Photos by G. Art by David Byrne.

Partial View of "Tight Spot" by David Byrne. On display at the Pace Gallery in NYC through October 1, 2011

To celebrate the expansion of The Pace Gallery in New York, musician and artist David Byrne is displaying a 2-week only site specific installation called “Tight Spot.” A 48 by 20 foot inflatable globe is underneath the High Line at 508 West 25th Street.  The statement that David Byrne is making is so important for the times we are living in as the world is under massive constraints and is also expanding so fast – who knows what is going to happen?!  A planet and the people contained within it can only take so much pressure before a massive change happens.  The possibilities for good and bad are equally as likely.  Inside the globe are low frequency vibrations created by David Byrne (and made with his voice instead of instruments).  I found “Tight Spot” to be very inspirational serving as yet another wake up call to the people on this planet.  David was in attendance for the opening night reception and he was extremely nice when I spoke with him.  Below is a picture of David Byrne with some friends at the opening of “Tight Spot.”  This exhibit is only on display until October 1, 2011 so you need to act fast to make sure you see it.

David Byrne (center) in front of "Tight Spot"

Gonzales Y Gonzales To Reopen in Fall 2011

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Photo by G.

Gonzales Y Gonzales

Gonzales Y Gonzales

Good news for New York City taste buds.  Bad news for our waist-lines!  The legendary Mexican restaurant, Gonzales Y Gonzales closed its doors at the end of January 2011 after 22 years in business.  The block long restaurant and bar in Soho was set to become a Chipotle but luckily,  it was not meant to be.  Gonzales Y Gonzales will be reopening in the Fall of 2011 in its original space!  The entrance now will be exclusively on 192 Mercer Street.  I’ve had so many yummy meals and delicious margaritas at Gonzales Y Gonzales.  I am very excited!

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