Lady Gaga Supreme

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Photos of Terry Richardson’s Photos of Lady Gaga by G.

Lady Gaga Supreme

Lady Gaga Supreme Ads by Terry Richardson

I’m diggin’ these Lady Gaga ads for Supreme shot by Terry Richardson.

Lady Gaga Supreme 2

Lady Gaga Supreme

Very “True Blue” era by Madonna, don’t you think?

Lady Gaga Supreme 3

Lady Gaga Supreme

Is that a nipple I see?  Oh my!

Say It Isn’t So!

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Rumours abound.  Sites like our good friends at Dr. Funkenberry are reporting that Michael Jackson has passed away from cardiac arrest.  We hope this is not true!

The below photos are adverts for his “This Is It” shows at the O2 in London scheduled to begin next month and run through 2010.

This is it?

This is it?

MJ 1

mj 2

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