Eric White at Freight + Volume

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Photos by G.  Art by Eric White.

For Members Only by Eric White

At Freight + Volume in New York, there is a really cool group show on display called “Haymaker.”  The exhibit features 5 artists showing very diverse work.  Obviously, since I am a huge lover of music, the art that resonated with me the most is the work of Eric White, who painted mock album covers.  Perhaps you’ll recognize these covers from your music collections?

Songs In The Key Of Life by Eric White

Fear of Music by Eric White

The Koln Concert by Eric White

“Haymaker” featuring the works of Tatiana Berg, Doug Fishbone, Kristen Schiele, Damian Stamer and Eric White is now on display at Freight + Volume in New York. Freight + Volume is located at 530 + 542 W. 24th St.  “Haymaker” runs until February 12, 2011.

Whatever Happened to Poe?

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Photo by G.


In the 1990s, singer Poe really rocked my world with her debut album “Hello.”  The styles on the record were all over the place and she pulled them all off without a hitch.  I saw her live at least 5 times and she was excellent every time in concert.  I’d met her many times as well and once again – super sweet and very friendly.  She took some time off to deal with the death of her father and came back in 2000 with the excellent concept record “Haunted.”  She landed an opening slot on Depeche Mode’s Exciter tour and I thought worldwide success would belong to Poe after the tour.  I heard rumours of a record contract dispute and then Poe disappeared from the public eye. One thing has never disappeared – my love for Poe’s music.  I listen to her two albums consistently and I love them both with every single listen.  Over the years I’ve tried to find her and have come up empty, so dear readers, if you have any info on Poe’s whereabouts, please let us know!  If you don’t want to post the info publicly, please drop me a line at gpoet7 at gmail dot com.

Happy Birthday, Mark Sandman

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Photo by G.


Morphine’s lead singer Mark Sandman would have been 58 years old today, September 24, 2010, and though he is deceased, I’d like to wish him a very happy birthday.  Morphine’s music, described as “low rock,” is perfection to me.  Each song is short and sweet, has great ironic lyrics and features Mark Sandman’s signature baritone vocals.  I was supposed to see Morphine in concert for the first time on July 25, 1999 but it wasn’t to be.  Mark Sandman collapsed and died on stage on July 3, 1999 (and while performing my favorite song “Super Sex.”)  I was devastated.  Though he’s gone, his music lives on more than ever with me.  On a trip to Iceland a few years ago, my friend and I navigated some very scary terrain with just us and Mark’s sultry vocals blasting through the speakers, ensuring our safe journey.  We never would have made it without his music.  Mark, wherever you are – hope your day is great.  I miss you terribly.

Looking At Music: Side 2

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Looking At Music: Side 2 - Now at MOMA

Looking At Music: Side 2 - Now at MOMA

There’s a cool exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York right now called “Looking at Music : Side 2.”  It’s got videos, album covers and trippy art, plus a really cool collage of photos by rock and roll photographer Bob Gruen.  You can see more photos below and you can find out more about the exhibit here.

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