Benjamin Curtis of School of Seven Bells has Launched Donation Site for his Lymphoma Recovery

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School of Seven Bells (Benjamin Curtis on the left)

School of Seven Bells (Benjamin Curtis on the left)

Alejandra Deheza from School of Seven Bells recently announced that her band mate Benjamin Curtis is suffering from lymphoma.  The good news is that since it was detected early, his condition is treatable.  The bad news is that since the healthcare system in the USA is so backwards, medical bills can be financially crippling.  Benjamin Curtis has launched Support Benjamin Curtis Dot Com (Link will open in a new window) so if you are  fan of his or just want to donate money to a good cause, you can help donate to his medical fund.  Every little bit helps!  Please spread the word!  We wish Benjamin a very speedy recovery!

An Encounter with School of Seven Bells

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School of Seven Bells

As my good fortune would have it, New York based band School of Seven Bells performed a very rare acoustic set at the American Rag store in Los Angeles on December 15, 2010.  It was announced this morning and though I am technically on vacation, I made sure I caught all the action.  The set was great and prior to the performance, I met the band.  They were both extremely nice and I’d like to thank them once again for a great night!

Alejandra Deheza and G

Benjamin Curtis and G

PS.  I was too shy to tell Benjamin Curtis this but I want to say publicly that I think he has the best hair EVER!

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