An Interactive Short Story by G.

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Photo and short story by G.

Photo and short story by G.

In a universe parallel to this one is a place where people sit around all day and eat spaghetti.  Nobody is judged for being grossly obese because it doesn’t matter.  Everyone is grossly obese!  This is a land where it rains when there’s no clouds in the sky.  This is a land where the only opposition is from a group of people known as Half-Bads.  As their name implies, they are evil only half of the time.

One day, after finishing a long day at the spaghetti factory, our fairy princess, Koontz, was about to go home and have – you guessed it – spaghetti, with her handsome prince, Kunkle.  Koontz put on her headphones and started listening to her favorite rock group – Totally Ghoul – when she was approached by a Half-Bad.

Koontz was so taken aback by the site of the Half-Bad she:

A]Invited the Half-Bad over to her house for some spaghetti.

B] Told the Half-Bad to leave her alone and in return, Koontz would give her some spaghetti.

C] Broke the law by throwing spaghetti at the Half-Bad, knowing full well that the disenfranchised would have to eat dirty spaghetti.

D] Insert your thoughts here.

This story is to be continued…. It’s up to you to help guide the direction of the story.  You wouldn’t want to let poor Koontz down, would ya?

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